Установка плазменной резки

Dear customers and partners!

We would like to share our news with you.

We have launched a new “Your opinion” project.

If you have any suggestions on service quality increase, mail us to info@fmg58.ru. Your suggestions will be forwarded personally to our head.

If you have any questions on the equipment purchased from us, please contact our e-support.

We have also launched a News Digest that is sent to you once a month and informs you about the most interesting news and current promos of our company.

We are always happy to answer your questions!


Thank you for staying with us!

Your “FMGroup”.

Glass sandblasting machine

Glass bending furnace

Glass fusing kiln

Thermo vacuum press

CNC Milling engraving machine

Slide grinding table

We want to get better!


To achieve this, we try to create the most favourable and comfortable conditions for our customers.


You won’t need to wait for your order, since the most professional experts work for you.


Customers are the most important for us. We want them to feel calm and confident, thus we select optimal assembly, as well as terms of payment and delivery, inform customers about their orders, and accompany them at all stages of work. We are sure of the quality of our equipment and take full responsibility for the result of our work. And even when a warranty period expires, customers can be sure that we will help them solve any problem arisen.


Our mission is to provide production and delivery of high quality, safe and economically effective equipment, and create a comfortable atmosphere for our customers, an atmosphere without fears connected with lack of trust in the Russian manufacturers.

We have already accomplished many of those goals.

You may see it for yourself.