Glass fusing furnace

It is hard to find a person who is not interested in amazing stained-glass windows or glass figures that seem to be made of a piece of glass. Such glass decorations are found everywhere, since various glass things are sold in shops, they are present in country houses or in furniture. Many design agencies have catalogues of glass products made by fusing, and the price for some of them may be surprising.

What is fusing?

Fusing is a technique of decorative glass production (including stained-glass windows) by sticking coloured glass elements in a furnace at the temperature of 700-950 °С.

The process is technologically complicated and consists of fusing glass of different sizes, types and colours into a unified puzzle (stained-glass window). Such stained-glass window has no metal partitions which makes glass homogenious. Glass is fused and transformed into liquid only under high temperatures, so that glass is stuck together and transformed into a monolith after cooling. In order to fuse glass quickly and correctly, one needs to use a special fusing furnace. Such equipment is quite rare in the Russian market, and only several models are now available.

The fusing furnace looks like a case with a fold-back lid. Heating elements are installed exactly in this “lid” which heat glass to high temperatures. Glass is heated with infrared elements to achieve even heating of the whole glass surface.


In its turn, the static part of the furnace is made for receiving glass for further fusing.

Our company is happy to present PF-1106 high-tech fusing furnaces by FMGroup which allow to produce not only classic stained-glass windows and glass souveniers, but also other complicated things like stained-glass windows for furniture.

The furnace we offer has enough power to fuse even the thickest glass (up to 20 mm). It is perfectly suitable for small, medium and large plants for manufacturing glass products, stained-glass windows manufacturing factories, mirror decorating plants and other spheres for making high quality stained-glass windows.

Despite high power, the furnace consumes a decent amount of power during fusing (thanks to a special power saving mode), while tight connected parts of the furnace body avoid heat loss during heating and equipment operation. In addition, the furnace has an anticorrosion coating and a compact size and will perfectly fit in any building.

Complicated stained-glass windows are produced with a furnace programmed control unit which allows to perform several operations in a certain sequence and work with a delay.

Of course, the offered PF-1106 fusing furnace is equipped with all necessary electronic sensors and controllers. This helps to operate the furnace by people with no special preparation and obtain high quality stained-glass windows without special skills or long-term learning.

You may consult our expert by asking for a callback and purchase the glass fusing furnace at the most affordable price.

 Максимальная толщина обрабатываемого материала, мм 20
Номинальный ток, А 15
Мощность, кВт 9
Напряжение  380В, 3 фазы
Длина рабочей поверхности, мм 600
Ширина рабочей поверхности, мм  1100
Высота рабочей поверхности, мм 300
Габаритные размеры ДхШхВ, мм 1000х1500х1600
Вес, кг 350