Mobile Stand For Drying Of Workpieces

The stand is designed for drying the blanks with the applied adhesive layer. It allows to increase labor productivity and quantity of output products, as well as to reduce the cost of production.


Parameter Value
Admissible distributed maximum load, kg 400
Admissible load on a number of support tubes, kg 20
Distance between support tubes in vertical, mm 65
Number of rows of support tubes (max.), Pcs 18
Overall dimensions, L * W * H, mm 2000*1080*1940
Length of support tubes, mm 820, demountable
Wheel supports D150 mm, with rubber ring
Type of coating tube Plastic

    • Pre-stressed construction allows to compensate deformations during operation
    • Support tubes are covered with a special material, which eliminates the possibility of mechanical damage of the work pieces
    • The support tubes protective material is easily replaced when contaminated
    • A distance between the support tubes (65 mm) allows to eliminate mechanical damages during the work pieces placing
    • Wheels provide easy movement, they are characterized with a long service life and do not require any maintenance under standard operating conditions
    • The stand is painted with a “hammer” paint, which is resistant to mechanical influences, that provides a good appearance throughout the operation life of the machine
    • Support tubes are removable and can be replaced easily in case of deformation.

    Mobile Stand For Drying Of Work pieces

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