Ventilating grinding table

Ventilating grinding table  SVSH 1207 is designed for cleaning and polishing wood, MDF and chipboard products, as well as for cleaning air from dust formed during manual grinding of various materials.


Organization of the workplace. A high degree of air purification allows to return it  to the working area and provide normal sanitary and hygienic conditions on the grinding areas. Low purchase price and low operating costs will allow to improve production process without any risks for the enterprise’s budget. The equipment may be installed even in small rooms (due to small overall dimensions and weight).

The table frame has a hermetic design. This eliminates the possibility of the raw air returning. To prevent scratching of work pieces during grinding, the table working surface is made in the form of a MDF grating.

Lighting. The table is equipped with lighting devices, which will provide sufficient and uniform illumination of the entire surface of the work table and the work piece and allows to achieve high quality of grinding.


The symmetrical configuration of the СВШ 1207 allows the tables to be connected to each other in a working modular system to create the optimum length of the grinding unit. This saves the workspace. An air duct with an outlet flange allows you to attach the grinding tables to a common ventilation system.

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