FMG CNC Plasma system



Positioning precision ±0,3 mm
Bearings precision ±0,1  mm
Max. positioning speed 25000 mm/min
Original positioning speed 20000 mm/min
Axis drive type
             Servo stepper motors 4  pcs.
             Servo motors option
Coordinate table
             6-section extending table 1
             Water-filled option
             Without exhaust system option
Power consumption – motors with CNC column 4 kW

Equipment features

Torch height control system (ТНС-FMGroupallows to make the cut more even and clean, helps to save consumables

Safety” torch mount system

System of coordinate rotation automatically adjusts a reference system and автоматически корректирует систему отсчета и режет в пределах листа металла

NO DAMAGE” system of torch protection from workpiece impact helps avoid damage with further possibility to continue cutting without damaging a workpiece

Unit of heat compensation of bed extension protects from jamming and reduces bearing load, thus increasing durability

Emergency stop system

Decreased dynamic loads

Damage and dirt protection for teeth of helical gears. The lower position and a protection cover

Single machine production line (lathe machines, milling machine, drilling, metal cutting,  heat treatment, welding, assembly)

The system uses highly reliable servo motors. A plasma torch with such motors is characterized by smooth motion of the main units and full absence of vibration, which is present when using stepper motors. This way a high precision of workpiece processing is achieved.


A THC system

THC (Torch height control) helps reduce an amount of used consumables, achieve a safe and precise metal cutting of the maximal permissible thickness, and significantly increase a number of processed workpieces per hour.

This system has a fully automatic work mode which allows to detect uneven material or “jammed” workpieces. The difference in dimensions is measured by changing the voltage of an electric arc that appears between a torch and a workpiece material. In case the thickness of a workpiece changes significantly, the calculation block adjusts the height on Z coordinates.

Thus a great precision is achieved even when the used metal sheet is of lower quality, which means purchasing plasma systems at a reasonable price is an objective approach.



Workplace arrangement

The work site has a 4-side access. Besides, a specific exhaust system with a gas sensor perfectly deals even with highly smoked air.

In addition, the standard assembly of a work table has a tank in which metal leftovers and other side products from metal plasma cutting are collected.

The torch control stand is ergonomic and simple. All necessary operations may be conducted with a single button pressing, while the torch controller operates with a standard Windows operation system which considerably lowers requirements for the operating personnel.

The motor is protected against pitch loss and tolerances. Precise slideways, bearings a starting torque, and antibacklash gearboxes provide smooth motion and high precision. This results in a minimal tolerance of workpieces, including those with an irregular shape.

The control system allows to accumulate cutting modes for different metals and reuse them. In case of an emergency stop, for example due to power cut, the torch may be returned to the former cutting block instead of the initial point.

The bridge is made of rectangular steel tubes. The tube wall is 6 mm thick. The frame and bridge rigidity help avoid any vibration and achieve high dynamic characteristics. The protection cover and the lower teeth position on the rack protect against damage by a metal sheet and avoid dust accumulation.

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