Additional warranty

When you purchase equipment and devices made by “FMGroup” company, think about having an additional warranty. The basic term of the factory warranty is 12 months.

“FMGroup” company offers its customers an opportunity to make this term twice as big under a special program of service maintenance extension— “Warranty Plus”.

We recommend you to protect yourself from any unforeseen expenses with a “Warranty Plus” certificate.

The “Warranty Plus” certificate provides you the following:

  • A product will be repaired free of charge within the term of the additional warranty, if this failure occurred through no fault of the customer.
  • You may also exchange it for a similar product, if the inspection conducted by our experts detects any defect or the equipment is found to be non-operational (irreparable).
  • You may purchase a “Warranty Plus” certificatetogether with the primary product the additional warranty is applied to.

You can ask the sales managers of “FMGroup” company for the list of the products under the program of service maintenance extension, as well as the price of the certificate.

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