FMGroup is a standard of reliability of industrial equipment!

  • We are heading forward full of optimism, enthusiasm, patience and energy.
  • We are proud of our production.
  • We are devoted to the ideas of our company and follow its course.
  • We give our customers confidence and stability and help achieve their goals.

The idea of “FMGroup” company is to work honestly, with dignity and style, offering customers only the best goods and services.

Our principle is to treat customers the way you want everybody to treat you.

Our benefits

Профессионализм Highly professional employees.

There are people among them who have worked abroad and people with degree levels.

Оборудование High precision machinery made by foreign and Russian manufacturers.

We conduct the following actions during production:

  • assembly;
  • on-site (measurement) tests;
  • mechanical processing of machine parts;
  • heat treatment of machine parts;
  • blanking operations (plasma, mechanical shaping of machine parts);
  • welding or plate-bending.
Сроки Equipment delivery terms.

The capacity of our company and size of warehouses allow us to store almost all of our products. It helps dispatch products within 3-5 working days.

Комплектующие Component parts and consumables are always in stock.

We have enough warehouses to store consumables and component parts for many equipment units. You don’t need to wait for delivery for weeks, since our warehouses enable us to deliver products in the shortest period of time ranging from 3 to 5 working days.

Реклама Quickest possible claims processing.

Failure may happen at any production, since there is a human element that is hard to avoid. However, a share of claims at our production is insignificant – only 0.1% which is solved by our managers and service experts at the day of receipt. Each claim, application and complaint is sent to the mailing address of the director and controlled by him personally.

Гарантия 12-month warranty.

There is a 24-month warranty for coordinate tables for metal cutting and a 36-month warranty for plasma systems. We are sure in the quality of our products and take full responsibility for it. And even if a warranty period expires, our customers can be sure that we won’t leave them alone with their problems and will solve any arising issues.

Сервис Maintenance service during operation period.

One of our benefits is maintenance service which helps our clients be sure that we will solve any of their problems even after their warranty period expires. If a customer accidentally damages any component parts, they may call to our hotline and we will help them with this.

Эксплуатация 15-year operation period.

We guarantee that our equipment will serve you for over 15 years which is rare for economy class equipment. During equipment production we use only high quality component parts made by Russian or foreign manufacturers.

Защита от подделок Counterfeit protection.

Each equipment unit is marked with a waterproof brand mark of our company with an individual number which helps us protect our equipment from various counterfeits.

Фирма Brand mark function.

A brand mark on our equipment guarantees that you are purchasing high quality equipment made by our company. It also excludes the need to save a purchase agreement for the whole operation period –showing the brand mark will be enough.

Registered trademark.

In order to protect the equipment from any counterfeit, we have registered our own trademark which guarantees high quality of our equipment. The “FMGroup” trademark is our distinguishing feature.

Качество High quality of equipment.

Among a range of awards, the primary achievements of “FMGroup” company are “100 best Russian products” diploma, в области импортозамещения a “Priority-2017” diploma in the field of import substitution, and an “Industrial leader in “Machine-tool building” diploma.

Благотворительность Charity.

A huge priority for our company is charity – helping asylums, nurseries and the disabled.

Конструкторы Staff of highly qualified design engineers.

Our company has a staff of design engineers which enables us to apply and introduce innovative technologies. We produce up to 5 new equipment units annually. Today, our company offers customers a wide range of equipment that always complies with the declared quality.

Персонал Employees.

We thoroughly select employees, and it often takes a lot of time. An employee finally gets comfortable conditions, a good salary and social guarantees in return. Our production is equipped with dry warehouses heated by our own heater and hot water all year round. True professionals work at “FMGroup”, with experts with degree levels and industry-specific education, as well as foreign experts among them. Our company is looking forward to ambitious and energetic employees who are interested in personal development.

With our company you can both work your way up the career ladder, and develop personal qualities.

Качество Quality control.

An enterprise owner personally controls quality in each production department every day. The owner guarantees high quality of the produced equipment.

We guarantee high performance, precision, perfect dimensions, and smooth running achieved by strict incoming inspection and control at each stage of production.

Our company carries out constant quality control (ISO 9001) at every stage of production, from inspection of incoming materials and component parts to check equipment assembly.

Постановление Compliance with Russian government regulations No. 719 and No. 1224.

On December 24, 2013 the government of the Russian Federation adopted regulation No. 1224. This regulation forbids the delivery of several metal working machinery for the needs of national defense and security since January 01, 2016. Among the forbidden equipment was machining centers (including multiposition ones), metal turning machines, milling machines, boring machines, thread-tapping machines and many other machines that represent the base of metal working industry of the Russian Federation.

The mentioned ban was applied only to equipment made by foreign manufacturers. It is widely known that Russian equipment manufacturers use foreign component parts in production. That is why regulation No. 1224 states the order of approving products made on the territory of the Russian Federation that is described in regulation No. 719 of the government of the Russian Federation.

Equipment produced by our company fully comply with the requirements of the regulation No. 719 of the government of the Russian Federation.

Комплектующие Our materials and component parts.

We use only the best materials and component parts applied during production of more expensive elite class equipment. The price for such component parts is significantly higher, but, despite that, we maintain affordable prices.

During production, we use only high quality tools that enables to achieve perfect quality of workpiece processing. They are significantly more expensive than regular tools, but they help us achieve precision characteristic of metal processing which is impossible to achieve using cheap tools.

The prime cost of our equipment is about 35% higher than the price of equipment made by other manufacturers. We maintain prices below the average level segment, with the quality similar to a more expensive segment.

Партнеры Feedback of our partners.

The quality of our equipment is appreciated both by Russian and foreign customers and material suppliers  .

We do not have an “off-season” term, since our equipment is in demand all year round.

The best feedback for us is that made by a satisfied customer!