Roller press PR-135 for furniture production

Professional roller-press PR-135 is necessary in order to fasten the plastic material (veneer or laminate) to various furniture elements made of chipboard and MDF in the shortest possible time. In addition, this press can be used for laminating smooth wooden surfaces.

Laminating is the covering of the surface of the main material with the facing films in order to improve its appearance.

One of the main differences between the FMGroup PR-135 press roller and the equipment of competitors.

The machine is equipped with a reliable converter from a well-known German manufacturer, which allows the operator to change the speed of operation as smoothly as possible without steps, this allows to keep the technological process as precisely as possible. Using such a converter reduces the mechanical wear of the system and has a large number of hours of operating time to failure.

PR-135 press is very small, it fits perfectly in any shop, and also has high rates for economical work.

Qualitative and powerful heating elements are used as heating elements. Thanks to such heating elements, it is possible to work with complex and multilayer materials, as the depth and uniformity of material heating increases. It is the use of such heaters that allows to ensure a high speed of operation and substantially reduces the amount of rejects

The working rollers of FMGroup ПР-135 press are finished with special rubber, which has high thermal stability and resistance to physical stresses. Thus, the service life of these working elements is significantly extended, and softer grinding allows to improve the quality of finished products.

Pneumatic cylinders of the clamping mechanism are capable of fine adjustment and can be adjusted so that the shaft is pressed against the workpiece with the necessary force. This accuracy is achieved due to the fact that pneumatic cylinders allow to regulate the air pressure in the machine system with high accuracy.

The available electric press drive is required for high-quality height adjustment, and speeds up the adjustment. There is also a system of limit switches, necessary in order to exclude the possibility of breakage of the press in extreme positions.

And, of course, the special pride of the developers is a convenient and ergonomic control panel for the machine. All buttons of the remote control panel are large, this is done specifically to facilitate the work of the operator working behind the machine. In addition, there is a minimum number of settings, which virtually eliminates the operator’s mistake in setting up the machine. It is enough to set the required temperature range, and the press will independently maintain the temperature throughout the entire operating cycle.

By purchasing the roller press FMGroup PR-135 you are guaranteed to obtain the highest quality and prompt service. All manufactured equipment was tested in its own production, which allowed to eliminate all identified design flaws.

On all questions you can get a specialist consultation by ordering a callback and place an order for the purchase of a roller press at a perfect price.

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Максимальная ширина кромки, мм 1360
Скорость , м/мин до 6,5
Давление воздуха, МПа  6
Длина рабочей поверхности, мм 4810
Высота рабочей поверхности, мм  865
Габаритные размеры ДхШхВ, мм 2060х810х1700
Напряжение  220В,50/60Гц
Номинальный ток, А 10,8
Мощность, кВт 2,5
Вес, кг 735

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