Glass bending furnace

PGM–3111 and PGM–2111 furnaces by FMG are made for gravitational glass bending. It is used at plants for manufacturing furniture, art glass and shop equipment.

PGM-2111 PGM-3111
Dimensions LWD, mm 3000х2500х1600  7000х1700х1600
Number of working chambers, pcs 2  2
LWD of the working chambers, mm 2100х1100х450 3100х1100х450
Installed power, kW 24 54
Power supply 380V, 3 phases  380V, 3 phases
Number of heaters, pcs  36 54
Type of heaters Infrared (closed quarz)  Infrared (closed quarz)
Temperature adjusting system Microprocessor controller  with a LED display Microprocessor controller  with LCD display (6-channel), with PC compatibility
Air pressure, atm 6 6
Max. heating temperature, С° 1000  1000

The main difference between PGM–3111 and 2111 is a size of the working chamber. A larger PGM–3111 consumes only 50% more power, but it increases its performance by 90 – 100%

Engineering features

The furnace consists of two working chambers and a heating module that is moved over the chambers along the slideways. Such construction saves a lot of space and allow no interference in the processing. The price for the glass-bending furnace is the most affordable and reasonable.



The working chambers are coated with the best heat insulating materials by the best foreign manufacturers which help reduce heat loss and power consumption.  The solid-state relays used in the electronic elements exclude power line surges which is highly important for enterprises with a lack of power supply. This allows to install our equipment at large and small productions and in buildings with different conditions.


Heating elements

Closed instantaneous quarz heaters of our own construction (competitors apply open spirals with cinder falling onto finished products and destroying the workpiece surface). This allows to maintain temperature in the working chamber and strictly follow the production process to get high quality products. The construction of our heaters helps replace them without cooling the working chamber (which is not possible with other manufacturers, and it takes 12-20 hours on the average), thus minimizing the equipment downtime. It takes 10-15 minutes on the average to replace a heater.

Control unit

A glass-bending control unit is manufactured using a Russian microprocessor controller. It allows to monitor and change temperature in 6 heating zones independently which helps to follow the production process with the highest precision. It also allows to make irregular shaped products without overheating the workpiece at a certain place. The control interface is easy to understand, and a number of parameters set by the operator is minimized. All you need to do is to set the required temperature, hold time, and press the starting button to launch the process in the automatic mode. Modern temperature sensors helps control temperature and adjust it during operation process.

Having our own production allows us to learn and develop production processes, conduct equipment testing and display working samples. You may consult our expert by asking for a callback and purchase the glass-bending furnace at the most affordable price. We offer our customers the following services:

  • Personnel training,
  • Technologies transfer,
  • Calculation and production of shape generators of our own construction (a combination of low prices and high performance capacity).