Production at FMGroup

“FMGroup” industrial company is a team of ambitious, competent, and energetic professionals.
The main working principle of our company is production of high quality equipment at an affordable price. This helped us become popular and reliable among our customers and partners.

Nowadays, our production includes 5 departments and warehouses with a total floor area of 3000 sq m.

Производственный комплекс Склад

A lot has changed for a period of successful work of the company, but one thing is the same — traditions of producing high quality equipment, responsible attitude of the employees to their work, desire and ability to appreciate our customers, and be a reliable partner. This is proved by various certificates and diplomas awarded to us at prestigious all-Russian contests, as well as grateful letters and feedback of our partners.


We produce our equipment using only the best high quality materials and component parts of Russian and foreign manufacturers.

Оборудование Дисплей

As you can see, we use only expensive materials and component parts not used by many other equipment manufacturers. The use of such materials guarantees perfect quality of our equipment.

Our production departments are equipped with CNC machines leading in equipment production. Service and adjustment of the equipment is done by highly qualified experts from the manufacturing plants. All our employees constantly attend courses and training, including abroad at manufacturing plants, thus improving their qualification.

Оборудование сьанок Станок

We are sure of the quality of our equipment and take full responsibility for the result of our work. We have extended a warranty period for our products to 24 months! And even when a warranty period expires, our customers can be sure that we will help them solve any arisen problem. The minimal lifetime of the products made by our company is 15 years.

Логотип FMG
Срок службы 15 лет Гарантия

Each product made by “FMGroup” industrial company has our distinguishing feature – a branded mark. This guarantees that you are purchasing really high quality equipment made by a team of professionals!